The Literary Society Of India


The Literary Society of India aims of uniting literature lovers together who shall help in recognizing, identifying and appreciating the fine art of words and stories, coupled with music and comedy.

It’s a sad reality that many of us are losing touch with the beauty of reading and appreciating the emotions behind spoken word and stories. IndianLit wishes to bridge the gap between patrons of literature and those who inspire, in order to create a holistic environment of learning, entertainment and inspiration through the magic of performing arts that has been lost somewhere in time.

LSI dreams of changing the mindlessness and bring back the beauty of fine arts in our life. We wish to create and carve our own niche for literature aficionados to come together and be a part of an exclusive community that focuses on rearing new talent and applauding the olds.

One of the most important feature of this organization is it not only aim to gather literature aficionados to come togeather but also to those who are not very much into the literary world but those who can and want to serve society by giving regular events to the city.



To build a civilized , cultured and sensitive society for the promotion of Art, Literature and Culture of the Country and the World with the intellectual collaboration of the various sections including the thinkers ,writers , art aficionados andorganizers by way of effective deliberations so as to face the contemporary challenges. The aim is to create a free form influence, diverse and intellectually rich haven for those who love literature and believe in seeing the world through the lens of open-mindedness and appreciate creative expression.

Giving literary and entertainment programs to society and establishing a personality in itself through The Literary Society of India is our combined goal.